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Top 15 Drama Movies to Watch in 2015

best drama movies
Obviously, every movies highlights some kind of drama in it and brings art to life. Through drama movies seems as a heavyweight genre, seldom finds any laser guns, action heroes and little effort to watch. It has a power to change the entire life, because they represent cultures, traditions, and attitudes of our mind. Here is the list of an excellent literary worked drama movies of 2015 we actually enjoy this week. The show is about to start now, enjoy some dramatic based genre films and tell us which one you like most.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey:  Theatrical Poster
Fifty Shades of Grey:  Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Sam Taylor-Johnson ★ GENRE: Drama, Romance ★ CAST & CREW: Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Jennifer Ehle, Luke Grimes ★ RELEASE DATES: February 13, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 2 hr. 05 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Fifty Shades of Grey is an American erotic romantic drama genre based movie released on February 10, 2015 by Universal Pictures (sequence is set to be released for 2016). It's directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. The premise and the storyline of this movie was same of E. L. James' top-selling novel with the same name and premise. Dakota Johnson gets featured as Anastasia "Ana" Steele with Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, Jennifer Ehle as Carla Wilks, Emily Fonda as Martina, and Marcia Gay Harden as Grace Trevelyan Grey etc.

Pertaining to Anastasia Steele, a 21-year-old innocent and ingenuous literature student at Washington State (Vancouver University), as for the favor to her roommate Kate Kavanagh (Eloise Mumford) interviews the well-off, brilliant and unapproachable personality Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), who was stumble upon by her. Despite Christian's mysterious reserve, Ana feels herself for him. Christian too admits her with his own terms and conditions due to her beauty sovereign spirit. Finally Ana realizes that Christian isn't apt for her as she finds out taste of Grey upsetting her by his further sexual experimentation.

2. Cinderella

Cinderella: Theatrical Poster
Cinderella: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Kenneth Branagh ★ GENRE: Drama, Romantic, Fantasy ★ CAST & CREW: Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden ★ RELEASE DATES: March 13, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 52 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Cinderella is the 1o50 musical animated adaptation of Walt Disney. Cinderella, the upcoming 2015 Amrican-British movie, based on Drama, Romantic, and Fantasy genre was directed by Kenneth Branagh by the screenplay of Aline Brosh McKenna and Chris Weitz. The movie iclude a huge casts including Lily James as Cinderella, Hayley Atwell as Cinderella's Mother, and Helena Bonham Carter as Fairy Godmother. The film opened in Berlin theaters on February 13, 2015 and March 13, 2015 in United States.

The storyline follows certain twists that Cinderella's merchant father (Ben Chaplin) re-wed due to the tragic death of his wife. In order to support her father, Cinderella welcomes her cruel newly stepmother Tremaine along with her daughters Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drizella (Sophie McShera). After the death of Ella's father, Cinderella faces many problems from new family and used to work in the cinders. Ella brings her hope back my remembering mother's dying words "be kind and courage" Cinderella conclusively finds a prince and seek a better life with the some what help of her fairy godmother.

3. Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL: Theatrical Poster
Magic Mike XXL: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Gregory Jacobs ★ GENRE: Drama, Comedy, Music ★ CAST & CREW: Channing Tatum, Amber Heard, Elizabeth Banks, Christian Boeving, Gabriel Iglesias, Max Webster, Gabriel Iglesias ★ RELEASE DATES: July 3, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 54 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Magic Mike XXL, also stylized as MMXXL is an upcoming 2015 American comedy-drama based genre movie directed by Gregory Jacobs. Magic Mike XXL is the continuation to the film Magic Mike, which's released June 24, 2012 at Los Angeles Film Festival. The official premise of the storyline wasn't revealed yet, but Magic Mike XXL is the memorable road trip adventure story of the male stripper, Michael "Magic Mike" Lane. Jupiter Ascending fame Channing Tatum plays as Magic Mike in this film along with Matt Bomer as Ken, all time WWE superstar Kevin Nash as Tarzan and, Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Richie.

The official synopsis of Magic Mike XXL narrates the premise of the veteran strippers, on the road to their final show, a stripping convention, having a road trip from Tampa to Myrtle Beach, where held last-ditch blow-out performance. Magic Mike surprises the audience with his new moves. Magic Mike XXL was set to release on July 1, 2015 by Warner Bros in the United States. Magic Mike XXL has been showcased in OZO Movies already. Why you're waiting? Stream now!

4. Far from the Madding Crowd

Far from the Madding Crowd: Theatrical Poster
Far from the Madding Crowd: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Thomas Vinterberg ★ GENRE: Drama ★ CAST & CREW: Carey Mulligan, Michael Sheen, Tom Sturridge, Matthias Schoenaerts ★ RELEASE DATES: May 1, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 59 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Far from the Madding Crowd is directed by Thomas Vinterberg on the basis of drama genre. It's the adaptation of Thomas Hardy's fourth foremost literary successes novel 1874 novel by the same name. Far from the Madding Crowd stars Carey Mulligan as Bathsheba Everdene, Michael Sheen as William Boldwood, Penny-Jane Swift as Mrs Coggan, and Matthias Schoenaerts as Gabriel Oak. The film narrates the story of Bathsheba Everdene, an impetuous, attractive and independent farm owner who draws attention to three dissimilar suitors: Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer, fascinated by her attractive premeditation; Sergeant Troy, a striking and fearless informer; William Boldwood, a matured and affluent unmarried man.

The main movie premose is based on Bathsheba Everdene's appetites as well as preferences reconnoiter the nature of relations and love. Also describes the human abilities to overcome privations through pliability and determination. The film opens in U.S theaters on May 1, 2015 by Fox Searchlight Pictures. Though it's official trailer leaks out, there're no critic reviews yet for Far from the Madding Crowd.

5. The Loft

The Loft: Theatrical Poster
The Loft: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Erik Van Looy ★ GENRE: Drama, Thriller ★ CAST & CREW: Karl Urban, James Marsden, Rhona, Wentworth Miller ★ RELEASE DATES: January 30, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 48 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: The Loft is an American-Belgia dramatic thriller movie directed by Erik Van Looy. It's a remake of 2008 movie "Loft" by the same director Van Looy. The screenplay was written by both Bart De Pauw and Wesley Strick. Starring Karl Urban as Vincent Stevens, Wentworth Miller as Luke Seacord, and James Marsden as Chris Vanowen where as The Loft features Matthias Schoenaerts (as Philip Williams) evoke his role from the 2008 film Loft. Distribution of this movie was reassigned from Dark Castle to both Open Road Films (US) and Kinepolis Film has been released this excellent literary worked movie, The Loft on October 14, 2014 at Ghent Film Festival.

It's the story of five men married guys share residence in the city where they prefers to keep their secret affairs and pamper fantasies. But seeing the dead body of a strange woman in the loft, their fantasies become hallucination and believe one of the group among would've involved. Therefore, they suspect each other however their loyalties were interrogated, friendship assessed. Finally group was disbursed by fear. Stream the film instantly only at OZO Movies for utterly free.

6. Focus

Focus: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa ★ GENRE: Drama, Crime, Comedy ★ CAST & CREW: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo ★ RELEASE DATES: February 27, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 63 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Focus is an American movie in regard to drama, comedy, and crime genre, directed and screenplay by both Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, where as stars Will Smith as Nicky, Adrian Martinez as Farhad, Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga, and Margot Robbie as Jess Barrett. Focus was released on February 27, 2015 by Warner Bros. Pictures and is able to stream for film-goers at OZO Movies for free of charge. The timeline story was based on Nicky Spurgeon, a seasoned accomplished con-man was abused by an amateur swindler Jess Barrett in a nightclub lead both Nicky and Jess romantically involved.

In order to con Nicky, Jess pretends telling that they've been noticed by her jealousy husband. Nicky beings an extremely proficient con and liar, realizes that dishonesty and love wouldn't go together and thus they split and meet one another after three years of seperation. And they rekindle their relationship. There are many twists are in the film where as Nicky and Jess attempts to return to the United States, but failed due to they are caught by Garriga, whom Jess was trying to seduce with the purpose of steal his expensive watch from the warehouse.

7. The Last Five Years

The Last Five Years: Theatrical Poster
The Last Five Years: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Richard LaGravenese ★ GENRE: Drama, Comedy, Musical ★ CAST & CREW: Anna Kendrick, Sherie Rene Scott, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Robert Brown, Kurt Deutsch, Sam Gilroy ★ RELEASE DATES: February 13, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 34 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: The Last Five Years, Comedy, Drama, and Musical genre movie directed and screenplay by Richard LaGravenese. The film was an adaptation of the Drama Desk winner and hit musical of Jason Robert Brown by the same name. The Last Five Years stars Anna Kendrick as Cathy Hiatt, Jeremy Jordan as Jamie Wellerstein, Kurt Deutsch and Natalie Knepp as Alise Michaels. The movie was scheduled to be release on February 13, 2015 by video on demand in select theaters only.

The premise was the love affairs which takes place long five years of period. Jamie Wellerstein, a rising smart, energetic, and young Jewish novelist fall in love with Cathy Hiatt, stretched actress and Shiksa Goddess. And their love story was spoken of through the song. It's a lovely movie that Cathy's song begins at the end of there marriage and backward to the beginning of the relationship where as Jamie's song begins at the beginning of their affairs and on ahead to the end of their love marriage. Finally, Jamie and Cathy happened to meet up in the center with the proposal of Jamie. Watch this movie at OZO Movies.

8. The Longest Ride

The Longest Ride: Theatrical Poster
The Longest Ride: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: George Tillman Jr. ★ GENRE: Drama, Romance ★ CAST & CREW: Melissa Benoist, Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson ★ RELEASE DATES: April 10, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 52 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: The Longest Ride is an upcoming 2015 American romantic drama film directed by George Tillman, Jr. and screenplay by Craig Bolotin. The movie based on master Nicholas Charles Sparks' New York bestselling novel of the same name "The Longest Ride" (September 2013). The Longest Ride stars Scott Eastwood as Luke Collins, Britt Robertson as Sophia Danko, and Alan Alda as Ira. The premise of the film was based on pertaining to a star-crossed love affair between Sophia Danko, a college student and who often dreams for her dream job to work in the art world of New York City and Luke Collins, a former bull riding champion, who wish to return.

As their relationships are tested by some standards, they come to make an unforeseen and significant intertwine with Ira, a much older man who influences the young couple with his lost, nostalgic, and decagons elongated romance memories to his dearly loved wife while he's hemmed in a car accident. Though the official teaser trailer was released in December 2014, 20th Century Fox was dated the movie to be released on 10, April 2015. Hope it's a movie that folks gonna discuss for a while.

9. While We're Young

While We're Young: Theatrical Poster
While We're Young: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Noah Baumbach ★ GENRE: Drama, Comedy ★ CAST & CREW: Naomi Watts, Maria Dizzia, Amanda Seyfried, Ben Stiller ★ RELEASE DATES: March 27, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 37 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: While We're Young, the American comedy-drama genre movie directed, produced, and written by Noah Baumbach stars Ben Stiller as Josh and Naomi Watts as Cornelia with the supporting cast of Maria Dizzia, Brady Corbet, Charles Grodin, Adam Horovitz, and Ryan Serhant. Josh and Naomi Watts are newly married middle-aged, childless New York couple in their age of forties and narrate the story of environments that happened in their life with the unexpected arrival of the disarming young couple Jamie (Adam Driver) and Darby (Amanda Seyfried), who comes in their lives.

Josh and Cornelia feel an inner inspiration and energy hanging out with the disarming young couple Jamie and Darby while in a vocation. But Josh suspects his best newly friend Jamie, that he might not be honest as well as truthful as josh thought about him. Its official teaser trailer has been available and was secluded at Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. While We're Young expected to be released on March 27, 2015 under the distribution of A24 Films. Explore this movie at OZO Movies, the best website for you to stream your favorite movies.

10. The Cobbler

The Cobbler: Theatrical Poster
The Cobbler: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Thomas McCarthy ★ GENRE: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy ★ CAST & CREW: Adam Sandler, Dan Stevens, Steve Buscemi ★ RELEASE DATES: March 13, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 39 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: The Cobbler is an American movie based on magic realism comedy-drama genre directed by Thomas McCarthy co-written with Paul Sado. The Cobbler features Adam Sandler as Max Simkin, Method Man, Steve Buscemi, Ellen Barkin and Dan Stevens. The Cobbler already screened at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, but the theatrical release was timetabled for on March 13, 2015 at the hand of Image Entertainment who acquired its distribution for $3.5 million. The Cobbler is the story of Max Simkin, a shoemaker, who philosophically interferes into his customers’ lives.

Max used to repair shoes in his traditional New York shop that's his family for generations. Disillusioned routine of his daily life, Max goes through an heirloom inheritance that he's able to see the world in a new way being step into his customers lives. The Cobbler quotes that, one can discover who really they are by walking in another ones shoes and it's the only way to find it out. What's more? OZO Movies is the best site I suggest you watch this movie without giving your credit card info, exasperating inconvenience, or without sign-up.

11. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

★ DIRECTED BY: John Madden ★ GENRE: Drama, Comedy ★ CAST & CREW: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Tena Desae, Diana Hardcastle, Richard Gere, Penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy ★ RELEASE DATES: February 26, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 62 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (also known as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2), 2015 British comedy-drama genre based film is the patchy continuation of the pleasant 2012 Sleeper hit movie with the same name directed by John Madden and written by Ol Parker. The film features "Ensemble cast" of Judi Dench as Evelyn Greenslade, Bill Nighy as Douglas Ainslie, Celia Imrie as Madge Hardcastle and Maggie Smith as Muriel Donnelly. The movie was released on 26 February 2015 in United Kingdom and available at OZO Movies for free.

The premise of the movie was based on the colonialist dream of Sonny Kapoor and it's creating a lot of assertions on his time than he has obtainable, bearing in mind his close at hand wedding to the love of his life, Sunaina (as Tena Desae). The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has been already released by Fox Searchlight Pictures and received many positive critics from film-goers. Nevertheless, Richard Gere (as Guy Chambers) enhances his interaction between two ripen characters in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

12. Song One

Song One: Theatrical Poster
Song One: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Kate Barker-Froyland ★ GENRE: drama ★ CAST & CREW: Anne Hathaway, Johnny Flynn, Jessamine, Mary Steenburgen ★ RELEASE DATES: January 23, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 26 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Song one is a Song One is a drama genre based movie by Kate Barker-Froyland that narrates the story of Franny Ellis (Oscar winner Anne Hathaway), an archaeology student who back to New York City after her alienated musician brother Henry Ellis (Ben Rosenfield, Boardwalk Empire), who is at present hospitalized in coma due to a car crash. Meanwhile Franny returns her home, she use Henry's notebooks to know that how her brother’s life was matured in a long separation. Franny use her brother’s journal to travel among New York City music clubs, where she observes Henry's favored musician, James Forrester (Johnny Flynn), whom she put her belief to wake up Henry to life from coma.

Franny convinces Forrester and makes an unexpected romantic relationship with him, face the realities and Henry awakens. Song One emphasizes better range of casts as well Steve Antonucci as Bartender, Monna Sabouri as Bedouin Bride, and Stefano Villabona as Rock Concert Goer etc. Johnathan Rice and Jenny Lewis were Song One's music composers and the film is already in theaters worldwide since January 23, 2015.

13. Black or White

Black or White: Theatrical Poster
Black or White: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Mike Binder ★ GENRE: Drama ★ CAST & CREW: Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer, Paula Newsome, Gillian Jacobs ★ RELEASE DATES: January 30, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 61 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Black or White is an American drama film builds up under the construction of Mike Binder. The film was premiered at International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada in 2014 and released on January 30, 2015 in the United States. Black or White stars Kevin Costner as Elliot Anderson, Octavia Spencer as Rowena Jeffers, Bill Burr as Rick Reynolds, and Jillian Estell as Eloise Anderson in foremost role. The plot summary was the story of a grandfather, Elliot Anderson who's being widowed after a car accident and used to raise his beloved grand daughter Eloise after the death of his daughter.

But Elliot seems struggled with the arrival of the child's black grandmother Rowena Jeffers, who's came up with her brother Jeremiah Jeffers (Anthony Mackie) demanding Eloise belongs to her father Reggie Davis (Andre Holland), a drug addict and Rowena's son who caused to the death of Eloise mother. Both family fight for the care of Eloise and finally Elliot established the care of her granddaughter through a custody battle and raise her entire life. This film, Black and White rolls out the feeling of race, understanding, and true love. Don't miss!

14. Woman in Gold

Woman in Gold: Theatrical Poster
Woman in Gold: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Simon Curtis ★ GENRE: Drama ★ CAST & CREW: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Alexi Kaye Campbell, E. Randol Schoenberg ★ RELEASE DATES: April 3, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 35 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Woman in Gold is Simon Curtis' forthcoming American-British movie drama peculiar to drama genre, written by Alexi Kaye Campbell. In the film Woman in Gold Helen Mirren, an Academy Award winner for Best Actress and three Golden Globes winner stars as Maria Altmann, a an octogenarian Jewish immigrant, living in Los Angeles, who seek justice for eight-years with her young lawyer, E. Randol Schoenbergfrom (Ryan Reynolds) to the Austria government to bring back her iconic painting of her aunt 'Woman in Gold', belongs to her family legitimately. It was Nazis in Vienna who conquered her family property during World War II.

Sixty years before, the Nazis seized her Gustav Klimt's (Moritz Bleibtreu) iconic painting 'The Lady in Gold' and the premise of the story was happened sixty years after World War II. The film was screened in 65th Berlin International Film Festival held on February 2015 and will be open in U.K and U.S theaters on April, 3 2015 by The Weinstein Company. What's more? The film "Woman in Gold" is genuinely unpardonable; furthermore, it’s an act of insouciance. It's showcased at OZO Movies as of now.

15. Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups: Theatrical Poster
Knight of Cups: Theatrical Poster

★ DIRECTED BY: Terrence Malick ★ GENRE: Drama, Romance ★ CAST & CREW: Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Dennehy ★ RELEASE DATES: February 8, 2015 ★ LANGUAGE: English ★ RUNTIME: 1 hr. 58 min

★ MOVIE PREMISE: Knight of Cups is a 2015 American movie based on Romantic, Fantasy, and Drama genre, directed by Terrence Malick and screen played by Terrence Malick. The name of this movie refers to the Latin suited playing cards (Tarot cards) of the identical name. Knight of Cups begins it's shooting during summer in 2012 without an accomplished story and the release of the movie was spent two years to get released by A Broad Green Pictures on February 8, 2015 in Berlin. Christian Bale (as Rick), who's at the centered role of the film along with Cate Blanchett (Nancy) acts as an adrift slave to the Hollywood system and the filmmaker Malick's impressionistic drama.

Rick is addicted to success, but concurrently bored with his bored by his bareness life. Rick seeks a real life while being at his home in a world of illusions. Therefore, he prefers beyond stimulation as same as tarot card. And some internal soliloquies may happen with the women in his life. Knight of Cups has a long synopsis, rather than a dramatic movie, also a romantic, artist, and an adventurer. Knight of Cups has been featured at OZO Movies for free streaming now. Hope you enjoy.

Hope this list of literary worked drama may help you live your life better and worthy. Wondering, these may be the greatest drama movies that ever made. Some movies I mentioned here make us romantic, some make us emotional and some make us even do both. As a disclaimer, all these drama movies are hosted in extremely secure website named OZO Movies, where you can watch all these movies without further any kind of criteria or strenuous policies. Shout us with your valuable feedback in which movie you think would’ve included in this list in order to get this post updated every three months and the end of the year. We’d like to thank you once again, hey, take hold of some popcorn, dim your lights, movies are about to start now!